Muscle Balance Assessments: A full body assessment of flexibility, strength, and co-ordination to assess for any likely causes of future injuries. A program of corrective exercises is then given. As well as preventing injuries this will also help enhance performance and technique

 Video Analysis: 2 – D Video analysis to assess technique and movement style. Slow to 1/64 speed or frame by frame. measure angles of movement. Compare sides for symmetry.

Jump / Landing Technique: The majority of non contact jumping, propping, and landing injuries occur due to poor technique. Learning to land correctly and prop to change direction can dramatically decrease the risk of injuries to knees and ankles.

Biomechanical Correction: Poor movement patterns especially at the hip and shoulder can lead to injuries and decrease performance though out the whole body. Learning to move correctly and stabilise these body segments will help restore correct technique and improve control to the whole limb

Education: Correct knowledge on warming up, stretching and warming down is important, especially, in tournament or multi game situations. If the body is not prepared correctly and recover properly then performance will be affected and injury risk increased. Stay up to date with the latest knowledge by talking to your local Sports Physiotherapist.