Sports Team Warm Ups

Get an effective and specific warm up program for your team to help get them through the season in better health. Specific warm up programs have been shown to reduce injuries by up to 40%. FIFA11+ for football or tailor made for your age group and sport. Let me know and I can sort it for you

Safety on the Sideline

If you are a coach or manager, learn how to safely identify risk situations for your team to help prevent injuries. Learn how to identify serious injuries and what to do with them safely


A practical session on how to strap. Covers all the common regions of the body. Effective and safe use of rigid strapping tape. Kinesiology (coloured / stretchy tape) can also be covered if requested. There will be a small cost to cover the tape used

Work Place Safety

Are your workers at risk due to poor work stations or awkward lifting. Get advice on how you can manage risks in your work place.

 General Advice

Any other queries – just ask me for advice